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Mary Rocca & Dr. Erig Grigsby


The 21-acre Grigsby Vineyard is ideally located between the warmer up-valley climes and the cooling maritime influence of the San Francisco Bay to the south, on the benchland of the Vaca Mountains. Temperatures during the long growing season are warm enough to produce perfectly ripe and flavorful fruit, with cool evening winds that ensure finesse and balance.Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, the Grigsby vineyard is also home to 1 acre of Merlot grapes, and about 2.5 acres of Syrah. Shortly after purchasing the vineyard in 1999, we planted new rows of vines between those already standing, essentially doubling the production of the vineyard. Today, we hold about 1/3 of our fruit for ourselves, selling the rest to other wineries throughout the Napa Valley. For 2009, our total case production was 2,200 across a portfolio of six wines. That output is expected to increase to 5,000 cases by 2019.

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