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John Taylor
May 1, 2013 | Family News: The Rocca Family Vineyards Newsletter | John Taylor

Volume III: May 2013

One Of The Most Beautiful Times In Napa...

Hi Friends!

Spring is here- but it's been so warm one might think summer has   arrived already!  The vines are loving this warm weather, and the buds seem to be growing a few inches a day!  Our vineyard crews have their work cut out for them this spring, trying to keep up with vines that are  growing by leaps and bounds.

As a springtime baby myself, I love it: new life exploding everywhere, birds busy building their nests, gardens being planted, and the promise of a new season capturing our attention.  Dreams of a bountiful and delicious vintage can't help but be on our minds. 

Here at Devlin Road, things are bustling too. Next week our new deck will start taking shape, and landscaping will follow shortly thereafter. Which means we can at last start to plan our Open Houses to celebrate and show off our new digs to all of our loyal friends and supporters.  Watch your inbox for your invitation!   ~ Mary

Notes From The Winemaker:

April is a magical, exhilarating time to be a farmer in Napa Valley.  All of the buds on our vines have pushed out, and they're growing like crazy now.  Some welcome rain during the first week of the month has been followed by glorious, warm-and-sunny spring weather, and the excitement of a new growing season is in full swing.  The main task at hand right now is suckering, or disbudding.  In many ways, this is really Part Two of the important winter pruning process that we talked about last month.  Now that the buds that we left on the vines at that time have become growing shoots, we can see exactly where and how they are positioned to fill in and to produce this year's crop. 

As such, we are once again making our way through the vineyards vine by vine, by hand, to remove any unwanted growth and to give each plant the perfect structure to produce the highest-quality fruit possible.  As I write this we've already made a first pass through our Grigsby Vineyard Merlot and Syrah (always our earliest-pushing vines), and our efforts will continue over the next several weeks.  At the same time, we'll remain vigilant to protect our tender young shoots from the potential spring threats of frost and powdery mildew.

In the cellar, a few of our 2012 wines have finally finished fermenting, and are giving us our most dependable insights yet into the quality and personality of the vintage.  So far, we're beyond thrilled.  The wines are simply gorgeous - deep, complex, and with exquisite balance - and they appear to be fully living up to the enormous potential of the 2012 growing season.  It's going to be difficult to wait until these wines are ready to share with all of you!  In the meantime, we'll be sure to perform numerous and frequent quality-control tastings...

Cheers! ~ Paul

Rocca Family Releases The 2009 Collinetta Vineyards Cabernet!

We are proud to announce the release this month of our Rocca Family Vineyards 2009 Estate Cabernet, Collinetta Vineyard. It's the 4th vintage we've bottled from this site and perhaps the most complete illustration yet of the intrinsic characteristics of this very special vineyard. Like the 2008, the '09 is 100% Cabernet, aged for 20 months in French oak, 80% new. We've bottled only 420 cases of this incredible wine, which has already garnered 90 Points and a Gold Medal at the 7th Annual Cabernet Shootout, and 92 Points in the Purely Domestic Wine Report. You can also watch a terrific video review of this wine by James "The Wine Guy" Melendez by clicking here. 93 Points!

Best of Class and Salute Wine Club Members have already received their shipments, and all remaining stock will now be made available to non-club members who wish to order online. Retail Price: $85.00.

Here and There...

Auction Napa Valley is just a month away and Rocca Family Vineyards is proud to be participating in this important charity event! We'll be featuring a very special lot on the eAuction this year: a 2-night stay at the Grigsby's quaint & cozy guest cottage, a personal tasting and tour with winemaker Paul Colantuoni, and a bottle of all six wines from the 2008 portfolio. To see details and bid on the lot, click here. Be sure to register on the site to place your bid starting May 26th...We're only seven "Likes" away from 500 on our Facebook page! If you're not following us yet, click here and join up! All new Likes are entered into a drawing for a bottle of Grigsby Cabernet Sauvignon...Remember, our new Instagram handle is @RoccaWines. Follow us for great pictures of the vineyards, tasting room and visiting guests!


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