Finding the Perfect Vineyard

The idea for Rocca Family Vineyards began in 1999. Mary Rocca and her husband Dr. Eric Grigsby searched three years for the perfect vineyard. The search ended on a hand shake when they located a Yountville parcel nestled in the heart of the Napa Valley. The 21-acre vineyard in Yountville, was named "The Grigsby Vineyard", after Mary's husband, Dr. Eric Grigsby.  

In 2000 Mary & Eric purchased the 11-acre Collinetta Vineyard, planted on a small hill in the Coombsville Appellation. These two vineyards produce some of the Valley’s finest wine grapes. Both vineyards are farmed orgaincally and are CCOF certified.

The Collinetta Vineyard

The 11-acre Collinetta Vineyard is located in the Coombsville area of Napa, the newest sub-appellation in the valley. Collinetta is Italian for "little hill," and reflects the small knoll rising from the center of the property, which gives the vines a 360-degree orientation to the sun.

Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, the Collintetta Vineyard is also planted with an acre of Cabernet Franc and an acre of Petit Verdot. The climate here is cooler than the Grigsby Vineyard, but it's sun-drenched hillside exposure and shallow, rocky soil make it well suited to growing Bordeaux varietals. 


Chimney History

The Chimney is what is left of the house that burned down in the late 1950’s. The owners were Gottlieb & Amaila Buhn. They both immigrated from germany in the early 1870’s. They married in San Francisco and moved to Coombsville in 1888 and purchased the house with the chimney in 1890 where they raised their 7 children. Gottlieb worked as a cooper, making wine barrels.

The Grigsby Vineyard

The 21-acre Grigsby Vineyard is ideally located between the warmer up-valley climate and the cooling maritime influence of the San Francisco Bay to the south, on the benchland of the Vaca Mountains. Temperatures during the long growing season are warm enough to produce perfectly ripe and flavorful fruit, with cool evening winds that ensure finesse and balance.

Mostly Cabernet Sauvignon, the Grigsby vineyard is also home to 1 acre of Merlot grapes, and about 1.5 acres of Syrah. Shortly after purchasing the vineyard in 1999, we planted new rows of vines between those already standing, essentially doubling the production of the vineyard. Today, we hold about 1/3 of our fruit for ourselves, selling the rest to other wineries throughout the Napa Valley.

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