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2013 Grigsby Cabernet: A set theme: perfectly ripe dark red fruit, with sweet black cherries leading the way, beautifully complemented by sophisticated spice and floral elements, with prominent notes of vineyard dust and rock quarry dust. 

2013 Collinetta Cabernet: Even by Collinetta’s standards, this is an exceptionally deep, intense, and powerful wine. Find dark ripe blackberry and sweet black currant character here, charmingly highlighted by elegant notes of violets, dark chocolate, wet cobblestones, and spicy oak.  Most remarkable, though, is the wine’s exquisite balance and beautiful delineation. 

2013 Vespera: Our 2013 Vespera is a bear hug in a bottle. Warm and convivial, and begs to be enjoyed in cherished company. The aromas here are deep, rich, and inviting, a seamless blend of Cabernet Sauvignon’s dark blackberry and cassis with the sumptuous ripe purple fruit of Syrah.